At Heartland Kids, our mission is to present every child an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. Our purpose is to teach the primary Bible truths. Our focus is to engage children in worship. Our conviction is that God responds to children’s prayers for themselves and for others. Our hope is that every child will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit before ten. Our belief is that children are miracles in progress. Everyone has a place in God’s Kingdom.

Here at Heartland we believe that babies are never too young to have the word of God spoken and sung over them. The word of God is living and active and will never return void. We desire that all parents know their children are being ministered too while being placed into a safe, loving, and exciting environment.

Heartland Preschool Ministry, ages 3 year’s old to kindergarten, our primary mission to create a safe atmosphere filled with fun, laughter, and the presence of God. Here your child will learn more about the Lord through stories, skits, crafts, and worship.

At Heartland Kids, 1st through 5th grade, each child is a unique individual, created by God, and that childhood should be treasured, not hurried. We hold fast to the truth that every child has the right to an environment that will enrich his/her life by appropriate educational and play experiences. Heartland Kids strives to do just that, so we use amazing volunteers, technology, fun activities, an atmosphere of praise to the Lord, and learn the Word of God! We believe that this makes Heartland Kids a place that your child will enjoy each and every week!

Redline – [verb] the point at which a person has reached the point of maximum output. [noun] Redliner – a person who is reaching for their own maximum potential.

Every week students come together here at Redline. Why? They want more out of life! They want to reach their potential, find their passion, discover their purpose, and to encounter God. They come because they want something real.

We were all meant to live for so much more… isn’t it time you experienced that “so much more?”


Our Young Adults ministry is a diverse mix of ages 18-29 who are committed to walking through life together.  Sporting events, games, Bible Studies are all occasions to come together and form solid friendships with other believers.